Changing The Style Of Your House With Blinds And Shutters

Just like you give your garden and lawn tender loving care, your window also needs some attention! 

Besides the increased aesthetic appeal, changing your house’s style with blinds and shutters can remarkably add value to your home – and yes, you need not break the bank either.

plantation shutter

There are several blinds and shutters that will sync seamlessly with your home and ensure you give your windows the right treatment.

It is time to add a little bit of ‘extra’ to your home’s ordinary look and transform it into an elegant living space. 

There are loads and loads of options to choose from that will suit your style and match your budget, and sometimes it’s about just getting some inspiration before going ahead with anything!

Plantation Shutters

If you are looking for a window design that is easy on the budget but stylish enough for your home? Then plantation shutters are a great option if you want something more economical.

Plantation shutters combine ancient allure with contemporary vitality, which can remarkably help you in constructing your dream house.

They are classic, and unlike panel shutters, they can still let light in even when closed because of their slated design.

Remote Controlled Blinds and Shades

Well, since you are changing the style of your house, you might as well go digital, starting with the blinds.

Remote-controlled blinds and shades have this techy vibe to them. They are very comfy and handy to use. 

There are two types; infrared, which works when you stand in the line of the shade and radio remote control that works from any corner of your house.

What’s more? Remote-controlled shades have a lifetime warranty, while the motor has between 3 to 5 years which is still long enough to enjoy them before needing maintenance.

Heavy Velvet Drapes

Love the lavish lifestyle? Well, they say you can have whatever you want, but let’s talk about windows that exude affluence today.

Not only do heavy curtains in thick fabrics like velvet ooze opulence, but they are also great in keeping the home cosy.

Add some floral wall art, ceramic cups and plates on a shelf with an elegant chandelier in the centre of the ceiling and get prepared to have your mind blown!

Blackout Blinds

Want a cinematic experience in some of your rooms? Or you just want to sleep in the dark without lights falling on your eyes, look no further than blackout blinds.

There are several reasons why blackout shades can be a remarkable option for some of your windows.

From their impressive UV protection to preventing external light from peeking in, blackout blinds are ideal window treatments for many.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are better if your room already has blinds. Simply use them to personalise your space, make it more refined and improve privacy.

Your creativity and preference should come to play here, especially when choosing colours and material. Just don’t forget that they should match your décor.

White Tiered Shutters

Many homeowners use shutters for their windows today, thanks to the smart and practical window treatment on offer and also because they are good for all shapes and sizes!

From classic wood to other wood alternatives, you can personalise your windows with colours and styles that match your preference.

White tiered shutter panels are a great way to strike a balance between privacy and light. You can get started on some vibrant and aesthetically pleasing window treatments with tier-on-tier panels in your home office or library.

Wooden Café-Style Shutters

If you have a window overlooking a street or a great view, café-styled shutters can be a fantastic idea. 

You can make your room feel more cosy and private without sacrificing natural lighting or beautiful views.


We have been talking about the interiors from the beginning! It is time to show the outdoors some love.

Beautiful blinds or shutters on the exterior parts of your home’s windows are a fantastic way to improve curb appeal.

Awnings are another great option for your windows and although many hurricane shutters are mainly for decoration nowadays, you can make yours functional.

Your home is your sanctuary – personalise it. These guides can help you choose the right blinds and shutters that match your style, and of course, your budget.

If you are still unsure on a suitable style or what steps to do next, professional advice could be the way to go. Depending on where you’re based, it is best to go local whether your after shutters or blinds. For Brisbane & Gold Coast manufacturers we recommend Imperial In Hose for all your plantation shutters and blinds needs.

If you’re not from this area, there are many other options for blinds and shutters but it’s best to do your research to find out what’s local to you. Either way, with or without the help of the professionals, it’s worth freshening up your home environment with something as simple as our blinds or shutters and it can surprisingly make the world of difference.